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Marklin trains

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German Toy Train Maker Off The Tracks : NPR

Guenter Meier/AFP/Getty Images The Marklin toy company's museum and store in southwest Germany have that everyday-is-Christmas-morning feel. Marklin makes some of the world's most beloved toy trains, producing models for the past 150 years from the founding family's hometown, the city of Goppingen. Its headquarters is a prime destination for children and their parents and toy train aficionados. Six different model trains, all made with painstaking attention to detail, snake their way along elaborate railways installed in the museum and store, passing through miniature snow-dusted villages with smiling people skating on glass ponds beside pine-dotted hillsides. Yet there is an unseen, but very real Grinch-like villain lurking behind this quaint tableau: the global recession. Marklin is close to collapse. Small, family-owned manufacturing companies like Marklin once formed the backbone of the German economy. Now 400 workers at Marklin have lost their jobs and a plant in Nuremberg was just shuttered, tossing dozens more people out of work. Trying To Save The Company The company, which pioneered electric model trains, is now in Germany's version of Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection and looking for new investors to save it from closing forever.

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